Are you ready to challenge yourself in relatively safe trial going off grid?

Before deciding that, have you heard about the happiest nation of the world, Finland?

Yes, living without electricity is possible.

Valkinhovi visit may give you a little push to take first steps in the path of enlightenment. Start observing and enjoying true nature without any disturbing gadgets and factors. Be brave and put your smart phone to Valkinhovi’s safe for a while. You may find out that we voluntarily block out more important messages and ignore ultimate facts being so busy in our new normal. Do not take me wrong – modern technologies can be useful. Use them for the right things, not for vanity. Everyone and things in the globe are under the same law and rules. It is the fact, has been and always will – with or without us, human. And while we still have two options left, better do it right and focus on the reasonableness.

Can you really live respecting this? For short-terms easily, long-terms not. Homo Sapiens has successfully utilized nature to make living wonderfully comfortable for itself without paying too much attention to costs. Can I, personally, live without electricity? Not year-around, I am just an old man with limited skills and resources. Meanwhile, trying to figure out the challenge – I decide keeping up with the Joneses and other real TV-shows. Right?


How comfortable it will be?

It is mostly up to you. You can stay home and watch TV-reality shows or dare to experience real in real. With facing the facts, that you are not able to adjust the settings so easily as you change a channel with your remote control, will save you from disappointments. 

You may learn some forgotten skills and have unforgettable moments while enjoying your trip-off-the-grid. You decide your level. And be merciful to yourself, it is not a shame if pushing the red button is too hard. Smaller steps may help. Instructions and guidance are available and sometimes required for the safety reasons.

Take it easy

It is quite normal to experience withdrawal symptoms and to have need for activities and services. First aid is to do something natural, important, and necessary. Again, your choice. Quite a lot of extras is available with reasonable price per request. The advance order tends to be less expensive and meets the expectations better. Sometimes ad hoc is more rewarding, but in the middle of the forest, it may include surprises. That is the thrill of adventure anyway. Some suggestions for the cure: make a bird house, light a fire-pit, split more firewood you are using, pick some berries and mushrooms, play board games, read a book, exchange stories and your skills with others, plant a tree, go fishing, save the world, ask about the POIs and visit them, book a catering service, private chef or private jet to make sure you can see the Aurora Borealis etc.… The same rules apply, if you need assistance, guidance, information, or something extra, do not hesitate to ask. Disclaimer is that sky is not the limit but usually time and money.

Important tip! It is much easier in the summer season. This is not about going extreme. Observe the past, understand the present and you do not have to be Alice in Wonderland asking what road you should take.


Currently Valkinhovi has about 12 hectares of land and practically no neighbors. Valkinhovi has privileged access to three lakes: Kotajärvi (Tipi Lake), Hirvijärvi (Moose Lake) and Saimaa. Lake Saimaa is the biggest lake in Finland and a waterway to the seas and oceans of the world. The two other lakes are smaller and provides more privacy. The highest point at Valkinhovi is 126 meters above sea level and lowest being 76 m above SLH. 

Within Valkinhovi land and premises there is lot of things to do and see, actively and passively. Should you have more air to breath and freedom to roam you can expand your temporary territory in wilderness with respecting Everyman’s Rights. Also, nearby public biking-hiking-canoeing routs and trails are well-organized and introduced in regional websites.

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Pictures of Valkinhovi


Are you ready to take the next step?