Accommodation options and pricing

We are selling time, space, and opportunities.

Or more accurately, providing short term leasing agreements. Keeping it simple – longer stay makes it more affordable. Starting price is €50.- per night and goes up to €1500.- per night, depending on your choice of stay. Luxury feeling requires lack of things. Necessity is relative. Basic settings are at self-service. Always easy to find who to blame.

Valkinhovi is small, independent, different and special resort. We can take only couple dozen guests at the time. We are listening to you very close to make sure you and other guests will enjoy your stay. Not numbers, individuals Yes.



Are for good sleeping after daily adventures. Two beds in each room, which variates from 8,1 to 14,4 m2.


Main House

Has seven bedrooms and fits for ten guests. 320 m2 includes country kitchen, living room, library, and sunroom.


Hovi Dreams

Was built in 2014 and with126 m2 it offers privacy for six guests.


Aunt Anelmas Village

Will still be under renovation 2022. It will offer two typical log cabin accommodation from 1930s to 40s.


Other options may be available

Hey, what about the bathrooms?

Sustainable as we are, we have our own water source, many places, and ways to fix your meals, generator, biological wastewater treatment, geothermal heating, lot of firewood, four saunas and many bathrooms. And we are biker-friendly and any-other-friendly that does not need certificates to buy. Yet, I do not recommend you arrive with all electric vehicle unless you have extra power source. See, some of these wonderful things we have requires electricity, some do not. What goes in, must goes out, sustainably. Do not worry, rule of nature. Hypocrisy does not work in a long run.