Rules and regulations

And other important information

The basic setting is SELF SUFFICIENCY.

All lodging options provide amenities (bells and whistles) for decent stay. Consider there may be other guests within Valkinhovi.  The level of your required privacy defines your choice of accommodation option and how many other people you may meet. My task is to deliver what guests order. The first one will be served first.

RESPECT nature, other guests and Valkinhovi Rules and Regulations.

BE CAREFUL. If you break something, you need to fix it, pay for it or both.

CARPE DIEM responsibly. You may take the opportunity to use some old-timers’ tools and equipment in the original settings. It is good to know that they do not meet the current safety standards. The same warning applies to buildings, fireplaces, and other older things. There must be a reason behind the fact that a hundred-year-old building is still okay and amenities working, while brand new ones are ready for the demolition. Why did they come up with that construction and what was purpose of that design or function of tool? Remember being careful during your studies. Some of the artifacts are unique pieces and irreplaceable.

If you HURT yourself, it hurts. Sorry. Be sure your insurance cover the damage. I do the best to make sure it does not happen; let us all do our best to avoid accidents. Force majeure and Golden Rule are in use. Everyone of us is unique and irreplaceable.

Flora, Fauna and back up plan

Nature is not the enemy. There are more good things than bad. If we enjoy the offerings with respect, things will mostly go right. There are wild animals, including sudden lions, wolves, bears, foxes, raccoon dogs, lynx, elks or moose, vipers, ticks, mosquitos, wasps an all, which are understood often annoying, harmful, or even dangerous predators. Most of them avoid human because they know we do not make any sense. Gladly in the wilderness, there is not too many humans, they might be dangerous.

Plants are safe, mostly. Some of the berries and mushrooms are poisonous. You should make sure what you put on your basket and in your mouth.

Greenhouse and planted berries may or may not be available for the harvest. Same thing with nature’s offerings – sorry. The apple harvest 2021 was not that good, no cider, apple sauce last longer. To get fresh fish from the lakes is cool, especially in the winter. It may help if you approach has a bit of humbleness. In Finnish language we do not catch fish, we are asking humbly for the nature (pyytää, pyydys). No guarantee you catch your pray, but local grocery stores has been reliable places to go fishing. It is not the same, I know, but sometimes hunger wins patience. And if you decide to go shopping, ask your fellows if they need something to buy, that is polite and saves the resources. We are offering some necessities in our shop, but prices are intentionally dirty high.

Other worries I cannot think out of my head now. In my balance sheet it still looks more opportunities and strengths than weaknesses and threats. Nature’s menu seems pretty attractive, relatively safe and comfortable to me. People have their own standards, duly recognized.


Valkinhovi may have sudden music and other performances (un-plugged). I have endless stories, which are mostly true. If you choose not to listen to me, I recommend you focus on birds, running water, sound of the wind or just silence. Observe nature, find the beauty and completeness of it. And most importantly, take your time whatever you are doing. And if you have something to contribute for the common good, let’s find out if it fits the bigger plan. That might be very rewarding and entertaining.